Sprite Disappearance At Some Cooridinates

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Sprite Disappearance At Some Cooridinates Empty Sprite Disappearance At Some Cooridinates

Post  Gamer_Mason on Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:35 am

Sprite Disappearance At Some Cooridinates Qr0-1Sprite Disappearance At Some Cooridinates Qr1-1

This was something I put together just to see about how this sort of thing would be done, using the preset sprites and bg tiles. Initially, the plan was to shoot projectiles, but the loop for the projectile displacement caused the player to stop movement, so I changed it to a sword and got rid of the displacement to make it appear better aesthetically. So even though it appears clean enough at the moment, I think the way it is right now would cause all other sprites on the screen not to move. I thought about adding a gosub for enemy movement in there when the player sprite is immobilized, but then I also couldn't really imagine how to program an enemies movement. I'll have to think on that more.

I'm pretty sure I can figure out those things though. My real problem here is how the sword or cane sprite does not appear beyond y=3 or x=3. All coordinates at lesser values than those display the sword fine, but then here it just disappears, and it seems to be for no reason. No error plays, the sprite animation for the character occurs... the sword just does not appear. I was hoping someone here could tell me why.

You might find the code a little messy.

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