Tutorial from a Box #1 Intro and Print

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Tutorial from a Box #1 Intro and Print Empty Tutorial from a Box #1 Intro and Print

Post  boxtropica on Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:00 pm

Petit computer runs with a language called Petit Basic.
This language is very BASIC. Haha, I know puns aren't funny. I just couldn't help myself.
Ok, now, lets pop out Petit Computer.
When you start up Petit Computer you should see 'Write Program'.
Select 'Write Program'

You will see a keyboard and a screen of which you can type things above it.

Tutorial from a Box #1 Intro and Print Beed3323

Now lets get down to a few commands.
Go ahead and type in your name.

Tutorial from a Box #1 Intro and Print 1e429af8

Since, mine is boxtropica I typed in 'boxtropica'
Now press 'Enter' on the keyboard.
You should see 'Syntax Error'

Tutorial from a Box #1 Intro and Print E6434add

You might be wondering why your name is a 'Syntax Error'
That's because your name is not in the Basic scripting language.
Now, tap 'EDIT' on the keyboard to go into edit mode.
This is the editor. This is what you will use to create programs.
If you want the program to display your name, we can use the print command.

Time to make your first program!
As tradition, when developers or programmers start a scripting language make the program display the words 'Hello World'
Now, it's your turn to continue this tradition!
To display text you will use the PRINT command.
If you want to display the text 'box' then you would use the command 'PRINT'
PRINT works by typing PRINT then putting quotation marks after it, like a book.
In example:
PRINT "Hello World"

Now, go ahead and type PRINT "Hello World" into the editor.

So, now lets run it. After you make a program in the editor, you press the start button on your DSi/3DS the program should start.
You should see this:

Tutorial from a Box #1 Intro and Print F3b32a35

Good Job! You made your first program! Now, lets de-clutter up the text on the screen.
In RUN Mode (What you saw before you went into EDIT mode) type 'CLS' then hit 'ENTER'
and everything should disappear. CLS can also be used in a program, but that will be mentioned more in the next tutorial. I hoped I helped you! If you have any questions please feel free to reply below, or email me at moomantri@yahoo.com
Next tutorial soon!

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